Stoffe announces departure from Dead By April

Unclean Vocalist Christoffer ‘Stoffe’ Andersson has announced his departure from Swedish Metal band Dead By April.

Posting on his official Facebook page Stoffe said,

“”Elvis has left the building”
I’m no longer a part of Dead by April.
Thanks to all and everyone who supported me in some way throughout the years I’ve been in the band. Truly grateful for all the people I’ve met along the road and for great memories.
With Love

Stoffe had replaced founding member Jimmie Strimell, who departed the band on March 18th 2013, and has subsequently featured on two albums ‘Let The World Know’ (2014) and ‘Worlds Collide’ (2017).

There are now rumours circulating amongst fans of the band that founding member Jimmie Strimell will return, however these rumours are currently unconfirmed.

Check out Stoffe within Dead By April on their latest album ‘Worlds Collide’ and let us know who you think will replace him.


Photo Credit – Dead By April, Universal Music LLC, “Spens03” Wikimedia Commons

Video Credit – Dead By April, Universal Music LLC


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